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Originally Posted by TN.Frank View Post
Hey, now that sounds like an idea. My wife loves revolvers and totally hates semi-autos. If I were to get her a Ruger LCP she'd not carry it and would be reluctant to shoot it since she's just not comfortable with a semi.
Now, knowing that she likes revolvers I bookmarked a few the other day for her to look at. The first one was a Taurus snub with a 2" bbl. She didn't like the shorter barrel even though I thought she would. When I showed her the Ruger with the 3 1/16" bbl. she liked it because it had a longer barrel, to figure. Best thing is take her to a gun shop, let her get a feel for a few different guns and explain the good and bad points of each. Then, let her pick so she'll feel like she's been part of the process and that way she'll be happy with the choice.

Still think a revolver would be best and still think the 327 Federal Mag beats out the 38spl +P and 357Mag in a small revolver.
You're (awesome) wife liking revolvers is great, but most females won't enjoy a .357MAG/hot .38SPCL loaded snubby. I'm glad to hear you've gotten your wife into shooting.

I'd like to add, that it's actually better to not tell them anything (good & bad points) other than how to load and shoot each pistol, let them ask the questions.

Did you start her off with the 4" compensated Ruger .454 Alaskan?
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