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Originally Posted by purrrfect 10 View Post
You seem to keep going on and on like you know everything, so what do you suggest. You are not still mad because you lost your first game in the playoffs are you
The Lions?? It's been years since they did as well as this year, so I'm actually quite happy.

I have to keep this short, because I'm at work and have a very busy day.

I apologise for calling (collectively) males idiots when discussing firearms needs for women, but it's the truth.

I sell kitchens and bathrooms. I'm a kitchen design that sells complete jobs incuding all materials and labor. You can imagine the gender make-up of the clients I work with, who ends up being the decision makers. I have 17 years of professional experience (frustration) in working with women in making very large and detailed purchase decisions. I have learned through years of trials and tribulation, how to work with females of all ages, races, socio and economic backgrounds. I have developed and refined techniques on how to sell females, and it has taken years to get to where I'm at.

The best idea for getting females into shooting is to not try and tell them what they should like, want, use or buy. This is a losing proposition from the get-go....what we in my business call a "non-starter". Spread out before them a selection of different pistols, including autos, revolvers, anything you have or can get your hands on. Lay them out on a table un-loaded, and let them load and fire each one to experience how they are different.

Then let THEM choose. If 10% were to voluntarily choose snubbys, I would be shocked. We as men have to stop taking our experiences, our wants and needs, our likes, and expecting women to make the same decisions.

Want to know how bad we men are doing with females and shooting? Look around here....look in this thread. Not a lot of replies/perspectives from the female point of view, are there? Nope, just a bunch of us male idiots giving each other idiotic advice.

Remember how I said I was busy today? I've been working with a 60-something balding, over-weight, post-menopausal woman, whose husband I have not even met, on her 45K bathroom project, and I'm closing it today. You have know idea how much fun it has been working with her.
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