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Picked up the latest issue of Gun World magazine because it had an article on the S&W M638 in it in 327 Federal Mag., got it more to read about the ctg. then about the gun since these little S&W snubs are uber expensive. Anyway, this little ctg. is a real power house that easily beats out the +P 38 Spl while having less recoil then the 357Mag. IIRC from the 1 7/8" bbl they were getting over 1300 fps and 391 ft/lbs from a 100gr JHP bullet. Bud's has the Taurus snubs at a close out price of $260 bucks and you can get a Charter Arms or Ruger in this great little ctg. too. Also a big plus is that you get 6 shots instead of just the 5 that you'd get in a 38 or 357. Give it a close look and I'm sure you'll like what you see.
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