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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Snubbys are terrible, especially for smaller, lighter people. Even in .38SPL, the recoil is awful. .357MAG? Just stupid uncomfortable. Autos absorb much of the recoil energy to cycle the action, so they're much more comfortable to shoot. Most autos will also have better sights than snubbys to boot.

I was at the range a few weeks ago, and there was a husband and wife out shooting their snubby. The wife was having less fun than a root canal, and even the husband could barely hit the broadside of a barn at 10 yards.

I cannot understand why anyone suggests sunbbys for new shooters/CCWers, when there are so many better autos out there. If we want more people to get into shooting, they need to have better suggestions from experienced shooters. They can't go to the range the first time with their new snubby they bought on some idiot's suggestion, and find the experience horrible. The experience will turn them off to shooting, and they won't continue shooting and recruiting more people into shooting.

For Christ's sake, can we please stop suggesting awful firearms to new shooters?
This is a very good point, but sometimes (and you can never tell until a woman grabs the slide) she cant even pull the slide back a little bit. Even with me telling her to push with one hand while pulling with the other. I do try to show them a 4 inch model 10 or something then though..
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