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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
Seems you know very little about:
-Purse gun operation
-New shooter orientation
-Revolver vs semi-auto reliability
-Revolver ease of use
-Semi-auto slide bind in confined spaces
-Muzzle contact out of battery malfunction

EVERYONE is different! Everyone has different needs, wants & expectations!
However, from the oustide looking in, a revolver is inherently more
reliable than a semi-auto. Easier to load, no safety to forget.

Do some research, talk to some experts, talk to some firearms
instructors about this topic. $100 says 95% of them recommend
a hammerless revolver for a new female shooter whom wishes to
carry "off body"

I've also comt to a conclusion, know VERY little.
Nope, you're wrong. You could not possibly be more wrong. Firearms instructors are absolutely, positively the wrong people to ask on this topic....which is why about the only thing you are correct about in your post, is that 95% of firearms instructors would recommend a snubby for a new female shooter/ccwer.

I have taught several females to shoot. I have taken females to the range with absolute 0 experience, never even held a firearm, much less shot one. I've had them in the black within a half an hour. And I'm 100% sure that the worst person to ask for suggestions on a pistol are experienced male shooters. 99% of them just push into a new female shooters hands what they think is the right answer.

"Here's a .38/.357 snubby, try it out."


"Ewww, I don't like that, it hurts to shoot. I'm done."

Yeah, that's the right idea.
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