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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Christ, I give in. Sure, a .357MAG snubby is the answer. Hell, might as well get her a .460 Alaskan with a 4" barrel, stuff it in her purse when she's not looking.

I have come to a conclusion, based on this thread. If you want advice in choosing a pistol for a new shooter and CCWer, especialy a female, the absolute worst people to ask advice from are experienced male shoters.

Holy crap, I thought I was stupid about women.

There's two basic rules here.

1. If momma ain't happy, no one's gonna be happy.
2. A snubby ain't gonna make momma happy.

Seems you know very little about:
-Purse gun operation
-New shooter orientation
-Revolver vs semi-auto reliability
-Revolver ease of use
-Semi-auto slide bind in confined spaces
-Muzzle contact out of battery malfunction

EVERYONE is different! Everyone has different needs, wants & expectations!
However, from the oustide looking in, a revolver is inherently more
reliable than a semi-auto. Easier to load, no safety to forget.

Do some research, talk to some experts, talk to some firearms
instructors about this topic. $100 says 95% of them recommend
a hammerless revolver for a new female shooter whom wishes to
carry "off body"

I've also comt to a conclusion, know VERY little.
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