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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post

I cannot understand why anyone suggests sunbbys for new shooters/CCWers, when there are so many better autos out there.
Actually, a snub nose revolver is a very good suggestion for certain people. There are a lot of people who want to arm themselves, but refuse to be proficient.....they might shoot it once, or not at all. This is just the cold reality, and we MUST accept it, whether or not we think things should be done differently. Personally, I'd rather these people be armed, and can confront evil with self dignity.......rather than beg for mercy.

Since anyone with half a brain can learn how to operate a snub in about two minutes, it is a very good suggestion for these people. If they ever have to use it, they'll be able to defend themselves.......and, most everyone will be able to shoot one well enough to stop a threat, if not make nice looking groups on paper.

There are some very mild shooting standard 38spl loadings that are just right for these people.

Otherwise, I agree with everything you say......and, my personal choices for ccw are automatics.


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