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Please, please, please keep in mind what the OP is asking. He has a relatively new shooter, someone that will be new to CCWing, that has had good experiences in the past with autos, who needs good suggestions for their first CCW piece.

If she is going to enjoy shooting, and enjoy it so much she wants to go to the range and shoot often, so that she gets proficient with her CCW piece, we need to give suggestions on a pistol that she will enjoy shooting. Not some nasty recoiling, horrible sight and long trigger pull having, difficult to be accurate with, snubby.

This woman needs to enjoy shooting, she needs to get the satisfaction of actually being able to hit her target with her pistol. If she doesn't enjoy shooting her chosen pistol, she will shoot less and less until she quits, and we will have lost the opportunity to recruit a new shooter into the fold, and she herself will not bring other people to shooting.

Why experienced, 200lb males, that have a lifetime of shooting all different sorts of pistols, that have made the decision to accept the poor shooting characterisics of snubbys because they find them easier to carry, feel it's the right suggestion for new shooters, is beyond me.
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