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Un-burned Powder

Not sure if this is the right title, but I think I am having an issue with the charge not completely burning before the bullet leaves the gun. I am getting some soot on the outside of my shell casings and I have noticed some increase in flash compared with factory ammo (WWB).

124gr MG CMJ
4.8gr WSF
Remington 1 1/2 primers
1.158" OAL

chrono 1050 FPS out of a G34

What can I do to try to get rid of this issue (all rounds function flawlessly and have good accuracy, so not really a huge issue). I have heard that a low powder charge can do this, but I don't really want to increase my charge since these hit the speeds I am looking for already. I was thinking decreasing the OAL a bit might give me better results as it would take slightly more time for the bullet to leave the casing, giving the powder more time to burn? I am I completely off in this thinking?

Thanks for any advise!
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