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Originally Posted by TFLWYO View Post
I am going through the same issues right now for the same gun. I find the square, top outside edge of the slide to be a particular problem area for concealing Glocks under a polo shirt. Everything can be fine except for one little bump that prints. The only cure I have found so far, besides a wardrobe change, is to get the gun as low to the waist as possible with a heavy cant. I can do it best with the Remora, but I cannot with the CTAC. I also know from experience with 3 different VM IIs that each gun is different, so I am hesitant to commit the funds and the long wait for something for which I only need 5 seconds to determine if it is going to work or not. I would stick with the Remora except that it is a pretty bulky holster, and even with the ART cut it is hard to get a good firing grip on the gun while in the holster. BTW, I have not found any holster that will not shift during a 3-5 mile walk or hike. I think that is just a fact of life. At least for Glocks I can find used holsters at reasonable prices so my experimentation is not as costly as it is with other firearms.
You find the Remora bulky? For the model with the reinforced mouth, I find that somewhat true, but the regular one, for me, produces a smaller bulge than most of my kydex or leather holsters. I also disagree about the firing grip - for me it's fine, but I understand there can be personal differences. I carry between 12 and 2 o'clock - most often a G27 because it hides better than the fat G30 with 9 round mag. 10 round mag just doesn't work for me at all.
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