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Originally Posted by arushus View Post
That "three point jam" you described is exactly what my LWD 10mm barrel is doing! And a slap on the mag usually chambers the round. Ive hesitated sending it in because Im afraid they'll ruin chamber support.

On the other hand, my LWD 10mm - .40sw conversion barrel has been perfect! The case support isnt really there, but thats never bothered me at all since the only round I ever intend to push very hard is the 10mm...

I hate reccommending a dremel for gunsmith work, but if you have one you might consider picking up some of the small felt polishing wheels and some of that dremel polishing compound to smooth out that transition edge. It didn't take much, and you can't even really see or measure the difference. I would say it is akin to using a pocket knife to cut into sandpaper... you don't want to change the shape of the blade, just take the edge off.
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