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gwsanfor, I apparently have </SCRIPT>small-to-medium-size hands. The gen-3 full-size grips are just small enough for me, while the Gen-4 31 I bought recently feels considerably smaller and better without any backstrap added. I just bought a 20SF, my 2nd--sold the first--because I seem to be obsessed with hi-power pistol cartridges...note the 2 357SIGS I have. The 20SF is barely small enough for my hands, and after I finish load development, to be sure I have a couple PD loads I love, I'll have its grip reduced. I find the Glocks' swell at the bottom-rear of the grip to be the part of the grip that feels 'too-biggest'.

I've measured the grips of my 31G4 and 20SFG3. Measuring front-to-back and at 90 degrees to the line of the front of the grip, the 20SF is longer than the 31's by 0.08" in the top finger groove, 0.10" in the 2nd groove, and 0.08" in the bottom groove.

I think that if a Gen-3 fullsize grip such as your 22's is very comfortable for you and NOT too long (front-to-back) for your hands, an SF frame might also feel about that good...but the 20SF frame is bigger, if only a tad.
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