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Originally Posted by arushus View Post
I know the difference in grip length between the G20sf and G20 doesn't seem like much on paper, but you can really feel the difference.

The 20 and 21 are made with the exact same frames, so if you can find a G21sf to hold, that is exactly how a G20sf would feel.
Agree! I love the G19/23 grip and the sf is a tad bigger than that. My dad has a G20 and it feels like I am holding a brick. I still love the gun but if I was buying a G20 I would not buy it if it wasn't a SF version. get the SF! I have never heard people complain about it. Very few people prefer the standard frame. Once you hold a SF, it will be a no brainer the SF is the one to buy.

I have no idea why Glock didn't make the G20/21 originally with a SF. (probably wouldn't be called SF but you get the point) going from a G17 or a G19 frame to a G20 is a huge difference.

I have a G29sf and love it!

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