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Originally Posted by legion3 View Post
So you don't have any answers?

I have already told you I have!

Why should I call Ruger?

Because than you would get it from their mouth, and not from mine!

Why can't you answer why its not possible or they choose not to?

Simple, by me giving you the answer I got, would enable you to claim,

"Well thats not evidence." as you did to WiskyT's post! Find out for yourself, so there is no speculation of rumor!

If none of the other makers can make a 10mm polymer, as you suggest, how could S&W do it with the M&P or HS Produkt do it with the XD?

Very confusing

It's as confusing for me. One has to ask, why the other firearms manufactures would let Glock have the entire 10MM market. And before you ask, no, I don't know how many 20/29's are sold annually, but obviously, it's enough because Glock keeps them in production.

How many DE's did Colt make in 2011?

Don't know! You tell me! One thing I'm positive of though, whatever the number, they are all gone!!!!!!!

Answer that then we will know if the demand is really high or simply very few pistols available.

And yes a new 10mm pistol would sell but not in numbers to make the initial investment worth it. Hence no new 10mm pistols in any modern designs.

Otherwise they would make it, unless they can't as you suggest.

So bottom line is there is demand but yet no one seems to understand that at a money making level in any of the major handgun makers.

Not a good way to run a business. Usually you give the market what they want, or perhaps, they are.
To all your other questions. Whatever, just go on with your opinions, because that's all they are.
If guns kill people, then, I can blame my pencil on my spelling!
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