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Originally Posted by crsuribe View Post
There's a rumor going around on the Internet (especially YouTube) that if you don't like the 10mm then you're gay.

Now I don't know what the science behind this statement is or what tests have been performed or how exactly they reached this conclusion but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

By the way, a big DARN YOU to the people who posted that super hot Delta Elite porn. Now I feel like I'm 13years old all over again and my palms are all hairy.

Definitely a goal for this year to get myself a Delta Elite. /moan
Well beyond the gay "statement" he paints the typical picture of what 10mm fanatics want and believe but not everyone believe those views. He simply needs to be greatful Glock stuck with the gun and the round, without it the 10mm would have really been over.

Also what is his idea that if Sig came out with a gun that would start the ball rolling? Glock one of the biggest seller of handguns has had a 10mm for years and never given up on it and yet that has not moved the 10mm market to add more modern designs.

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