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Originally Posted by legion3 View Post
Well when I say 10mm fans remember there are so few of you overall. And only a very few will add {A} 10mm to the stable. If there were more of you then 10mm's would be made by more gunmakers than the current offerings available. Facts are stubborn things.

This seems to say it best,
You claim facts, as stubborn! The only thing you are giving is opinions, and they are even more stubborn. Your first sentence is pure opinion! How many 10MM fans are there? You don't know, so obviously, just your opinion, right?

Your second sentence. "And only a very few will add {A} 10mm to the stable". If the M&P would add a 10 to their lineup, would it sell? How about one in the CZ, or XD line, would they sell. If you think for a second, that 10MM fans wouldn't buy them, you are mistaken. Of course, you made that statement already, that they wouldn't.

Then your last statement, which is completely mistaken. " If there were more of you, then, 10mm's would be made by more gun makers than the current offerings available". What I think you aren't giving a thought to, is the fact that because of the gun makers manufacturing practices, Ruger for example, could not manufacture a 10MM even on their P-Series line of firearm. So obviously, it's not going to happen with their SR-Series. Not to mention, H&K, Sig, Walther, etc, etc, going polymer, and, whatever other changes to cheapen, speed up, their manufacturing process, doubt that even if they wanted to, could come out with a 10MM.

Lastly, since when did you think they manufacture what we want? Rugers Buckeye Special, a < $600 firearm, going for close to a grand, used, when can be found. Ruger could easily reintroduce that firearm! Would they sell? From what you have stated, I'm sure you'll think not, but once again, I'll have to disagree. Just like the Colt Delta Elite, they won't even make it to shops cases, and they will be gone!
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