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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
Yet there are those of us, that want to purchase them, yet never can because of not enough being produced. I guess it is, "your opinion" that is the accurate one in this thread.
Let me say it another way, supply and demand.

There is little overall demand in the shooting world for 10mm weapons. (And so far no factual evidence to the contrary)

Among the small, solid and fanatical supporters of the 10mm demand is much higher. (thats always been clear on internet message boards)

Gunmakers will only make enough product to be profitable, that number is likely not enough to satisfy those who want every platform ever developed to be made in their pet caliber.

Just not enough 10mm demand and even if it is on the rise, WiskyT may have hit it that the growth is still quite minimal in the overall gunworld so as to be not enough to change the minds of those gunmakers who have passed and continue to pass on new 10mm offerings.
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