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I had 2 gen 3 glock's with sequential serial numbers that were Austrian proof marked. After Obama came in and Canada couldn't get any the retailers got in a bunch with Austrian proof marks and steel factory sights on them. I suspect they were purchased directly from Austria and not thru our sole US authorized importer (policeordnance) as they could give a rats as* about the thriving civilian market.
Its sad really because all the redundant ITAR export laws he put into place have none little more than hurt the US economy, and boost sales from Eastern Europe and China who are so desperate for sales that they make Canadian's custom runs of certain guns that are literally rip-off's/clones of u.s. designed guns from Springfield, Colt, Sig, Remington, etc. etc. and retail at half the price (or less)
Anyway, back on topic, I dont think the Austrian made glocks would be allowed to be exported to the US because they dont meet the US content laws that Clinton put in place... but I could be wrong.

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