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Originally Posted by gatorboy View Post
It's on it's way.

The best chance of a new 10mm IMO will be the M&P. S&W has supported it before and made some fine handguns chambered in it.

And dropped it like a hot potato. Once the FBI dropped the 10mm its fate was sealed for LE contracts. Why they dropped it is not important, that they did is.

Not sure SW is sound enough finacially to venture out on a limb with a product that just won't sell in big numbers or to governemnt contracts. Their stock is still under $5 a share and they still have debt and credit issues. (Rugers stock is like $33 a share with far less debt)

If Smith is dropping the 357 SIG M&P which does have several state agencies using it why would you think they would venture down the 10mm road?
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