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Originally Posted by mt920 View Post
I would love to see Glock release a Gen4 Glock 20 this year. Maybe in July when my GSSF certificate is scheduled to arrive.
It's on it's way.

Ten years ago before there were other poly 45's that were decent, we'd be hearing a ton about the G4 21. To my surprise there has been very little interest or excitement about it, even here on GT.

The best chance of a new 10mm IMO will be the M&P. S&W has supported it before and made some fine handguns chambered in it. Most over-built which is a good thing when not looking to shave ounces by using plastic. The FS should be 15+1 and the C should be 12-13+1. I base this on the size of the FS M&P 40 mags and Glock 23 mags which are the same size as the FS and C M&P 45 mags. I like how the M&P is designed and the FS 45 has a longer recoil rod than any pistol (of a few ) I own. Even pistols with 6" barrels. It should'nt be difficult to make that one run nicely in 10mm. It's also one of the few pistols reccommended for hotter .45 based rounds, along with the Glock 21.
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