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Originally Posted by NeverMore1701 View Post
I really want a Colt Delta Elite. That's about the only platform I'd find a 10mm interesting in. Unless Beretta came out with a 10mm Px4 Storm, but that isn't likely to happen.
You know Colt could have done better with the DE when they re-introduced it. They could have upgraded it and given a newer makeover but all they really did was nothing but re-release the 80's gun.

And unfortunately the DE suffered from bad reputations and became the "gun" that was battered to pieces by the Norma and other over pressured ammo of that era. Which was pretty much all nonsense but perception is often reality.

Even today you still see questions like "is the 1911 platform" or the "Delta Elite" tough enough to stand the pounding. The vast majority of the ones in the past were but what can you do?
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