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Originally Posted by 10mm Sonny View Post
Saw one today at my LGS for $3,999.
You can find them less than that.

Recently a LGS had a Marksman Special(Viced - someone had chromed it to look like miami vice) (one of the 250 or so 45 ACP full size Bren Tens made for a gun store in Chicago Illinois my how times have changed) for around $1800ish and I have seen some Brens in the upper 1000s and low 2000s.

I had a Bren Ten back in the days of my 10mm kick. I had a Special forces Dark (which was not like Crocketts ) which I bought from a friend. It was cool but the 1006 and 1066 were better overall guns so I parted with the Bren.

If it had been a "vice" model - full sized and chromed - them maybe I would still have it. Then again since I have moved on from the 10mm probably not.
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