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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
Yep. I think S&W is doing away with it for the M&Ps too? Not sure. Not sure why HK is abandoning it. It's just a barrel change.
At the HK forums the general consense is lack of sales and big contracts and HK just not pushing the product very hard (or some variation of all 3).

Sig and Glock seem to have the lion share of the 357sig police contracts and HK's price point does not help out civilian sales.

The HK guys seem to be scrambling to get them before they are gone.

with regards to SW and the discontinue of the M&P 357 sig, which does have several police contracts, the following was posted at another board,

I talked with the Smith Reps at the NRA Convention concerning the M&P 357. They confirmed that general production of 357 pistols has stopped. Limited runs of M&P 357 will be made for law enforcement only upon request or with limited stock.
Their reason was simply low sales volume equals low profit.
Take that FWIW.

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