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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
First of all I disagree that the shooting public at large has rejected the 10. More here feel as I do, in this post, that there is a growing 10 fan base.

As far as the Ranger, HST, and Gold Dot, manufacturing 10MM ammo, it probably isn't going to happen. Mostly because, unlike other calibers, that type of bullet construction isn't needed to become an adequate choice in caliber!
Well you may disagree but the bean counters at most of the major (and minor) handgun (or any gun) makers don't seem to get the same polling data you have. One of you is wrong

If it sold they would make it. Glock probably sells more 10mm's than anyone and what is the figure on those sales? I bet glock knows exactly how many to make in a year to be profitable, and they probably make very few extras.

A growing fan base is not all that is required to keep a franchise from failing. In the gun world big contracts somewhere are needed to keep the ball rolling.
With no LE or military demand anywhere in the world, it would take a huge leap of faith for any maker to try to push that ball.

And I know this may come as a shock but not everyone wants a 1911, a SA platform, especially one that runs 1K and up and most of the 1911 fanatics I know would not want one in 10mm if it were given to them.

Your right what is needed to be an adequate choice in 10mm is either a lot of money to buy small maker boutique ammo or a reloading bench. And the vast, vast majority of shooters will never reload and don't wish to spend big $ on speciality ammo.

If you do reload then the 10mm is a fantastic round but most don't and most won't unless they are forced to at some point.
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