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Originally Posted by legion3 View Post
Um no!

The shooting public at large has rejected the 10mm. For many reasons not just that it failed to catch on in Law enforcement. 357 Sig and 45GAP are likely to have a longer LE career than the 10mm had.

When any of the major LE ammo makers puts out a 10mm round in Ranger, HST, Gold Dot, then I will believe its on the rise.
First of all I disagree that the shooting public at large has rejected the 10. More here feel as I do, in this post, that there is a growing 10 fan base.

As far as the Ranger, HST, and Gold Dot, manufacturing 10MM ammo, it probably isn't going to happen. Mostly because, unlike other calibers, that type of bullet construction isn't needed to become an adequate choice in caliber!
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