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Originally Posted by blastfact View Post
It is on the rise and I'm glad. It's a great caliber. The LSG's around here can't keep any currently or pass production 10mm weapon in stock. Everything on there standard stock orders are sold and used weapons never last more than a day or so under glass.

There are more custom ammo manufactures coming online supplying great full power well made, safe 10mm ammo. Priced well might I add. I even see 10mm whimpy ass .40 S&W class junk in Wal-Mart every once in awhile. And at a couple of local farm and ranch store's. And as always match grade full power and above 10mm ammo is only a reloading bench away.

If you want a mag. class auto pistol load? 10mm is the way to go! And more shooters are finding that out and embracing it.

They can't keep them in stock because they are so few in numbers to begin with and the 10mm fanatics jump on them like they may not see another one...which they might!

Try selling one at a gun store or gun show around here, might as well be selling a dirty diaper. Unless you hit the one 10mm fan running around.

Who are these new custom ammo makers? DT, Swamp Fox, Buffalo Bore are know who else? And what is "priced well"?

Embracing it? Well the why aren't the big manufactures added 10mm's to their lineups? Afterall if their is so much profit in it why not?
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