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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
I'll have to disagree. It wasn't "that" population, for the most part, that rejected the 10. It was rejected for them, LE, and military for sure. Most have been handed stun guns, to use in the field. So, I think that tells the tale on why they aren't allowed the use of the 10!
Um no!

The shooting public at large has rejected the 10mm. For many reasons not just that it failed to catch on in Law enforcement. 357 Sig and 45GAP are likely to have a longer LE career than the 10mm had.

When any of the major LE ammo makers puts out a 10mm round in Ranger, HST, Gold Dot, then I will believe its on the rise.

When any company other than a 1911 maker (that have alredy put them out) puts out a new platform let me know.
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