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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
But Chrome is the #1 browser on the web in the US. I won't blame you for being careful and Chrome is not as privacy friendly as firefox or even IE.

Just placed an order with my new CC. Needed some hot FMJ's. These should help "break in" the G20 with sadly to few round threw her. (She's not named yet, any thoughts?)

No need to waste JHP for plinkin and range work. It's also probably a better bear defense round that any other 10mm Underwood offerings anyway until his 220gr hardcast comes out. (hope, hope)
If web developers are blaming security breaches on a browser they should be fired.

Their system and data store is/was not secure. Perceived browser flaws are/were not the problem.
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G33: Pearce +0 pinky grip
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