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We suggest you use an alternate browser when viewing our website.

Download Firefox

Download Internet Explorer

You can attempt to view the Underwood Ammunition website by clicking this link Go to Underwood Ammo

However, you may see the following error when going to the website:

The Chrome browser uses "False Start" which is a method of speeding up SSL handshakes enabling websites that use the secured protocol
to load faster and removing some of the overhead of using an encrypted connection.

Google has decided that "False Start" should be a web standard, as it cuts 30-85 milliseconds off of SSL handshakes per page. Because of
this, Google is not going give an option to disable "False Start" in the menu system.

What this means for websites using secure protocol (https://) to protect sensitive customer information is that users will need to
use another browser.

Kindest regards,
Underwood Ammunition
But Chrome is the #1 browser on the web in the US. I won't blame you for being careful and Chrome is not as privacy friendly as firefox or even IE.

Just placed an order with my new CC. Needed some hot FMJ's. These should help "break in" the G20 with sadly to few round threw her. (She's not named yet, any thoughts?)

No need to waste JHP for plinkin and range work. It's also probably a better bear defense round that any other 10mm Underwood offerings anyway until his 220gr hardcast comes out. (hope, hope)
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