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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Haha, maybe state-of-Afghani-art. Per my doc and therapist's orders I had the heat in the room set to about 80 and was waiting with the heating pad on my chest when my therapist showed up. He walked in and was wearing PT shorts and T-shirt. He asked if I minded him wearing that instead of regular uniform since it was so warm in there. I took a good look and said "No, I don't mind even one little bit. In fact, I'm enjoying the view".

I'm shocked. Shocked I tell ya!

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm not complaining about it at all. There's only 2 keys to the padlock, I have one and the person doing my therapy has one. That way I don't even have to worry about being disturbed if I'm just in there to get away from Afghani's and everyone else. Luckily the unit that has a few things stored in there doesn't mind, as long as they can get in if they need to.

I'm hopeful too.

We'll see. According to my doc I won't be shipped out unless something goes wrong, but I'm not betting the farm on that after the problems I've had even since I found out I was coming here.

My counselor started trying to talk about other things besides my PTSD and fears. She keeps saying she's not a shrink, and isn't used to really digging into guilt issues, but she seems willing to try. Maybe a little too willing, if you get my drift.
Why not? I've been doing it.
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