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Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
Sweetheart, Miss LG, Mangus, Miss S_R: prayers for all. Prayers for any and all who need them. Sweetheart, I have a feeling that when, not if, things go to Hell between the U.S. and Pakistan plus Iran and who knows who else, you'll be shipped out. I hope your employer avails themselves of the opportunity to take care of you by making sure you never have the need to lift anything heavier than your laptop at any time during your journey home.: smootchie:: iloveyou:
Don't you think that's some wishful thinking on your part? You know what I do over here, do you think they're going to do away with that job? And no, they won't make travel any easier going out than it was coming in. There was nothing easy about that.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post

A year? If you start going downhill you get yourself back over here.
Hiya back!

Yep, that's what they want. Truthfully I don't see being able to stay a year if this first several weeks is any indication. It's 4AM and once again I'm up because when I tried to sleep the nightmares were waiting. I'm still at the max dose of Fentanyl and eating add-ons like candy. Plus I had a breathing attack last night. Not the worst I've had by far, but painful enough. I really think when I get to the point I can travel again my doc or PA will get rid of me.

One bit of news, the person doing my physical therapy and me came up with a way that we wouldn't have to try to do my therapy in the gym, which is small, cold, and usually has someone on the bench we try to use. We're using a little outbuilding next to the clinic that I can keep as warm as I want. There's what looks like an old dentist's chair in there which is comfortable to sit back in, and I can even get out of it myself. I'm to come in about 20-30 minutes before my appointment and sit there with the heating pad on my chest. I have a key so I can come in there and sit any time I want. No one else uses the room, except for a few things stored in there. My therapist said there's a treadmill in a conex that was just taken out of the gym that he's going to try to get moved into there. There's barely room for it, but that's way better than the way we've had to do it so far.
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