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I am having a hard time with this. When a politition brings pork to my depressed area it feels pretty good and yet I know it is wrong. I am a true independant but I am thinking vote out all incumbents or put in a time limit to serve. I studied a couple of Senators and it is hard not to get bitter. One Senator from Nevada started his career with very little money and over his 30 years he has become a Multi Million aire. You can not save that kind of money on a Senators salary. Then when looking I found many IPO's were offered to legislators before the public and often the public didn't get to purchase any of the stock and it was often related to a recent vote or an upcoming vote on the industry that was offering the IPO. Pelossi ruling on legislation effecting a Bank her husband sits on the board.
These things make me believe we should vote the whole bunch out at least the lobbyists will have to start working harder to corrupt the new members of congress and the senate.
Regardless of your views just getting out and voting is a very good thing.
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