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Originally Posted by toofman View Post
Planning on buying hornaday lock-n-load single stage press for xmas for my .223. Probably a common thread, but any recommendations on primers, powder and bullets? Looking for frugal components.

If you want to save the most money on components you have to buy in bulk.
I prefer CCI small rifle primers but any small rifle primers will work. Ball powders like Hodgdons H335, BL-C(2), Winchester 748, Ramshot TAC are great powders for the .223, my guns preference is BL-C(2).
Hornady sells bulk 55grain FMJBT bullets by the 1k there fairly inexpensive and very accurate.
Places like Powder Valley inc. , Graffs, Wideners, Midwayusa are some best places to get components.
Because there is a $25 Hazardous Material charge in addition to regular shipping, you need to order powder by the 8lb. jugs and primers by 5k to 10k and combine powder qand primers to make it worthwhile. Bullets don't need the Hazardous fee.
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