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Originally Posted by RustyDaleShackleford View Post
Got my barrel, gas tube, and replacement bolt catch roll pins in.

My lower receiver's now fully complete, and my bolt and carrier group, stripped upper receiver, and upper parts kit should be here this Thursday.

As for the flash hider, I guess I'll just go with the standard A2 flash hider with the closed off bottom. Should be good enough, especially since I don't plan on doing any night shooting anyway. When I buy this, should it come with a washer? And what's the difference between peel washers and crush washers?

I'm pretty sure I wanna attach a free-float handguard, but I also like the look of the standard A2 front sight base on AR-15's. I've been doing some reading, and it seems that these are compatible, so long as you measure the handguard to make sure it allows room for the FSB. True? Again, I'm using a 16" midlength.

But that makes me worry that I won't be able to use a scope, if and when I decide to mount one... Issue? Because I've also read that if you're looking out past x4 zoom, you won't even see a FSB.

If I do that, I'll probably just get a rear MBUS from Magpul to finish out my rifle!
A crush washer is designed to compress as you torque the muzzle device to around 20 ft. lb. The problem with crush washers is that for many muzzle devices, you have to 'time' them, meaning you have to set them so that the holes are not facing towards the ground. I've found that I too often can't 'crush' the washer enough without sanding it - a major PITA. That's why I use stainless steel precision shim sets. You mix and match different thicknesses until it takes 20 ft. lb. to time the muzzle device.

Peel washers are similar to shims, and you 'peel' away layers of the washer to get the muzzle device properly timed.

There are some muzzle devices that don't need 'timing.' The A2 flash hider does. You may find that a crush washer will work just fine. I'd try that first.

I use 'Rocksett' on all my muzzle devices. It's like high-temp loctite, but breaks free easily with hand tools. You have to buy it online, but a small bottle will last forever.
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