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I acquired a SW 442 about a month ago after not having owned a snub for about 10-11 years.

Three range trips so far and it seems like I've never been without one.

I think that it is the rare situation where a snub alone wouldn't be sufficient in competent hands. Unfortunately a lot of people aren't necessarily competent with the snub and the rare situations seem to be becoming less rare.

I love the way my 442 rides in its Don Hume JIT just in front of my hip. All that's required for concealment is a t-shirt. Not only that, because of it's light weight and short barrel, it is REALLY FAST to bring to bear on target.

My 442 is going to be my primary simply because of the speed with which it can be employed. Being the first to get a solid hit on target should be priority number two, right after avoiding being shot.

That said, I'm not going to give up my G19/G26 or P7 as carry guns although in reality they will be backups to the snub. I know that's backwards to how most people envision employing them but that's the way I'm going to roll.

As to the OP's original question the answer is no I don't feel under gunned with a snub, but then I am not in the middle of a fight against superior numbers at the moment either.

One last thing, when I bought my 442 I bought a right hand Don Hume JIT and a left hand JIT, just so I would have more options for carry and in case I ever injure my right hand/arm. I'm thinking it might be nice to add a 640 or 642 to the mix and carry two snubs.

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