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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
I spoke with Kevin today. Good news is things are now fully secure. A good guy who spent quite a bit of time talking to me about what transpired.

He is and but is making a real effort to make things right by there customers. If your CC was compromised you should send him an email.

Since I too am in the web industry with a bit more experience than he. My conclusion is he has done a good job at addressing this issue. We talked about blocking IP address from foreign countries (where the hacking might have occurred) as he only ships within the US anyway.

I only hope it doesn't hurt his business to badly.
Again, pleasure to talk with you.
To let everyone know...after running several tests, spending an incredible amount of the past 2 days on the phone and scanning everything in site - my web team found how this snot-nosed dirt bag was getting in...from the Philippines, no less. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for him) we don't have a name or address for this loser, but we found him. Jerk. We also were able to watch him try (in vain) to continue to access the site in the same way he'd gotten in previously and was defeated.

Chalk one up for the good guys.
After 3 days of panic and headache I finally have the answers I want and the security I was promised from day 1. Breathing a big sigh of relief.
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