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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post

*But I agree his website has been compromised

He should also go to bleepingcomputer 's web site and get some help if it's his own PC that has a trojan. I'm in the business and worry about these thing all the time. He needs expert help to get this fixed. He has a really nice web site, you just wonder if some guy in India or Eastern Europe that might have designed it left a back door.

Has anyone noticed if you get the https, the s being the key here, in the address bar when checking out?

Major websites and indeed 99% of web $'s are processed by very large card processing companies that are not likely suspect. (targets and victims at times but not suspects) I would guess some malware is at work.

I've notice the ammo industry in general has lots of ''corrupted' ' site when I browse for ammo info. Why are they targeted more than others?
The site was designed by a company here in Charleston, WV from the ground up - a lot of what we asked be incorporated in the website meant them writing and designing software specifically for us, which is why it took so stinkin' long to get it up and going. I've refrained from mentioning them by name as a gentleman, but the potential damage this is doing (and could further do) to our reputation as a secure site has been very sternly brought to their attention. I can, however, say with confidence that any breach in the security is not an inside job. Just some low-life hacker.

Any specific information or suggestions you can give (from working in the field) would be greatly appreciated. I'll gladly pass it along to my "team"...
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