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Originally Posted by TexasGlockster View Post
I like these. Any idea on the life of them? I know the lifespan of most tritium sights is about 10 years and I just want to make sure they have about the same durability.

I'm sure this is a noobish question but what is the difference of the sight height. I assume that is just to correct for the user's preferences and/or the type of rear sight that is being used. That being said, what is the standard height and how do I decide if a different height would be better (beyond just "go try some different ones").
call ameriglo... when I ordered mine it wasn't a kit, so I called to make sure I was getting the right size rear (and to check stock). They'll be more than happy to tell you exactly what you need for your situation, and they can answer your half-life question on their tritium too... I think I remember reading they are pretty much trijicon vials inside of their custom housing... so it's probably the same half-life
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