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XS Systems 24/7 Express Big Dots

Originally Posted by TexasGlockster View Post
What is a good brand/model of night sights that will work well during the day? I've heard a lot about how amazing Trijicon night sights are but also seen a lot of criticism that they are almost impossible to use at the range.

Also, just because it randomly occurred to me, what the heck is the difference between novak sights and regular sights? Is it just look?

Edit...thought of another there a distinct advantage or disadvantage to fiber optic?
XS Systems 24/7 Express Big Dots
The 24/7 stands for ALL lighting conditions.

24/7 Express Sights

The Original fast acquisition sight enhanced with our 24/7 Tritium rear sight.

XS 24/7 Express sights are the finest sights made for fast sight acquisition in all light conditions. Day Light, Half-Light, or Low-Light, just "dot the I". Fast, simple and effective. This is the ultimate self defense sight system that provides sights you can see around the clock.

Enhances sight acquisition in all light conditions
Ultimate "Flash Sight" picture
Excels in high stress defensive situations
Improves Low-Light accuracy
Low profile, snag free design
Available with Big Dot Tritium or Standard Dot Tritium front sight
Trijicon® Tritium vials
Sights, Optics and Lasers

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