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Originally Posted by TexasGlockster View Post
What is a good brand/model of night sights that will work well during the day? I've heard a lot about how amazing Trijicon night sights are but also seen a lot of criticism that they are almost impossible to use at the range.

Also, just because it randomly occurred to me, what the heck is the difference between novak sights and regular sights? Is it just look?

Edit...thought of another there a distinct advantage or disadvantage to fiber optic?
During the day, you want something that helps you orient the front sight. Fiber optic helps on some days more so than others. It doesn't seem to hinder in any way, but it isn't much use for me when it gets dark.

I use a Sevigny night sight front sight and a plain rear sight. The dot glows at night and the white circle is good for daylight use.
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