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Previously I had a bit of trouble with the CC and ordering gun stuff online...I kept getting multiple Fedx charges and some other weird stuff, this occurred mostly with ammo purchases and from several different companies so I don't want to mention any names...(Not Underwood).

I don't think it was the ammo companies, but the vendors they use to process CC cards.

One solution, I reload most everything now, the other was to purchase one of those Walmart cards where you just put a $100 or $200 bucks on it at a time.

It was a real PIA to get a new card and report fraudulent abuse.

PayPal is used only as a last resort, mostly Ebay stuff. Otherwise I avoid it like the plague, not just because of it's anti gun stance as if that weren't enough reason not to do business with them, but because I think it's a lousy system in general, not to mention they're annoying emails about my account.

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