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Originally Posted by SolidBrass View Post
Well it's so hard to tell. I'm in the E-com business and part of my job is as primary fraud order detector. I've found that US credit card companies and bank are not helpful or proactive AT ALL when it comes to stopping these crimes. In fact, even if they detect the crime, they don't let the retailer know right away to stop the sale/shipment. They do send you 'charge back' paperwork months later that you just lost a bunch of money. I can see what country, bank, IP address, and lots of other info that helps in finding out if the deal is legit or not.

If someone stole your CC number and used my store, I find out by doing some online identity research that this is stolen card and call your bank to tell them they will say, "I'm sorry I cannot do anything as you are not the card holder. "

They don't say it but what is omitted despite argument is, "I will not contact them to ask if this sale is legit"
That's why I buy over internet only when merchant accepts PayPal.
It's much safer, merchant does not see your CC numbers neither they travel through internet lines.
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