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Originally Posted by 10 fan View Post
Just ordered a Pro Chrono Digital today so I can check all of my ammo. I have always thought if they print it on the box it would be pretty close because they must know someone would check.Now that my head is out of the sand I'll check myself.I have spent alot of money at DT, time will tell if I spend any more.I'm new to this site and haven't heard of underwood or swampfox.How long have they been around?
From work: the best I can do is direct you to 10mm ammo on facebook. From there go to his YouTube site. He's chronied a ton of 10mm loads. Double Tap and Underwood as well. He's also a member here. Kevin of Underwood is also a Member here as well. I shoot his 165 gr. JHP. It's moving near 1400fps and is an awesome round. Going to be ordering some of his 180 and 200 gr loads soon. Google Underwood Ammo and you'll find the site.

Luck to you.
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