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no the deer didn't call in air was so small that ......well lets put it this way, if it still had spots, it would have looked about right. My neighbor's hound dawg is bigger !
But at least I did get away for a week, so that helps.
And none of the other guys in the pool got a deer, let alone with a handgun, so the pot jumps another $20.00 for next year. There are 4 of us, & all have been trying for a deer w/a handgun since IL made it legal. If I'm not mistaken, the pot should be about $160.00 for next year, going to the first one of us who gets a deer with a handgun. Cars don't count, one of the guys has 3 that way since we started the bet!
The tiny one that I let pass would have been an EZ shot, only 20 yds. or so.

Like a true Cubs fan, "Wait till next year".

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