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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
My neighbor makes great beer. He is going to begin teaching me how to brew beer this weekend. I have been teaching him to re-load ammunition. Plus I know how to camp. We will be a good partnership during one of those end-of-the-world conflagration thingies.

Beer and bullets. Survivalists we are!
Make sure you clean out your Grolsch bottles well, or you'll just end up cultivating some mold cultures.

Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
Very nice.

You know, we could ramp that up to industrial sized.
I saw an ad for a PCP rifle for deer hunting the other day.

But, for any micro brewery that has its equipment on display, we should definitely invent a giant PCP apparatus. Maybe we could name it the frother-nizer or something.

Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
A seasonal libation ... This has possibilities ... We can present it as the perfect accompanyment for any month that has a vowel in its name!
We can go one better and have another variant for any month with a syllable in its name.

Now, do we need testers?

Originally Posted by Bullman View Post
Outstanding, and being a "seasonal" we can mark it up a bit as well and increase the profit margin, or am I too blunt?
Blunt? I think not. You are simply demonstrating your product management potential.

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