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It's all a balance when considering a small pocket sized gun.
For me, reliability is the most important, followed by having someting that is easy to use quickly.
I can benefit more from my 442 than comparable small autos of similar size and weight.
It always works, no matter how good my grip is.
I hit well with it, and quickly.
It shoots heavier 158gr bullets from 850- to over 1000fps.(Proven to work very well)
Since we're talking pocket guns ( not compact or full sized service weapons), I also like knowing that when I need my weapon, the cylinder will still be in battery because there is no button to be pushed or leaned on, causing it to fall out. It will work whether pressed against my adversary, or me.
If someone thinks an extra 2 rounds or supposed 'easier to shoot' auto pistol will get them over the hump when faced with a gang, enjoy your firepower advantage....I'll keep practicing with what I have.
The West is the Best.
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