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Originally Posted by Eldon Hickey View Post
I like snubbies and feel confident with a 642 in most situations. It seems obvious that the outcome of a gunfight is less likely to be determined by magazine capacity than my who gets off the first effective shot. I feel that a snubnose offers the best chance of getting the first shot, even if you have to shoot through a pocket, and with practice it can be made likely that shot will be effective. Most of my practice recently has consisted of drawing and firing at a silhouette target at 3 yards--from the hip--a latter day version of quickdraw I suppose. With not a lot of practice I can keep well over 90 percent of my shots in center-mass doing this. Someone said "the first rule of gunfighting is have a gun." With a lightweight snubnose it's easy to always "have a gun." I also recognize the advantage of having more than 5 rounds available in some situations....a home invasion for instance where there is usually more than one bad guy. I keep an 8-shot .357 Nightguard in my nightstand and an 870 under the bed with that scenario in mind.
Not necessarily obvious. Multiple attacker scenario is a different thing than a one-on-one encounter.
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