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Originally Posted by nyycanseco33 View Post
Hey we all love the feel of EDC with our Glocks just as much as the next guy or girl here and I'm sure running with it sounds fun but if you are running with your G26 because of the area you run through then I highly suggest you take a different route instead of taking chances... In your handgun course you are taught to not walk, or in your case it would be run, into situations that require the use of a gun for protection in the first place...just MHO...
It is a very, very dangerous mindset to think that you can, with any degree of certainty, predict when or where a violent attack may occur. Violence happens everywhere. If you believe you're safe, or even safer, because you live or work in a "nice" area, then not only are you kidding yourself but your senses are naturally less heightened and I believe you are more vulnerable to attack.

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