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Originally Posted by ArmyDoc View Post

I'm primarily interested in 230gr JHP at 1100 fps or so for deer, +/- hogs. This is about 10% faster than a factory loaded +p. Do you know of a JHP that will hold together at this velocity?
From what I remember.....
The best rounds were Rainier and Bonded Gold dots. The Rainier would become teardrops of lead and most of the lead would stay together. The Gold dot did a little better.

Gold Saber and other non-bonded rounds lost the jacket very quickly and then the lead continued through the gel like the Rainier.

In a totally different way....I really liked the Triton Quickshock. It dumped all its energy in the first 12 inches breaking the setup I had the gel sitting in. The bullet would break into 3 or 4 sections and head off in unknown directions sometimes exiting the gel. If I were to design an anti-personnel round this would be it. But they no longer make this bullet.

It is really too bad I lost most of these pictures. They were interesting.
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