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Originally Posted by rcd567 View Post
I've bought some of DT's ammo and it was good stuff. I didn't chrono it, but I doubt I got the speeds advertised on the box. I also doubt he's making those velocities the same way they are being tested on youtube. The ammo I"ve bought all went bang and it's available locally so that's a big plus. One thing to remember...he was offering 10mm stuff when almost no one else was bothering with it.

I'm not necessarily defending his claims, but I'm not shocked that someone would be less than truthful in advertising. Next you'll be telling me that politians lie.

But since this is an Underwood thread let me make it crystal clear. Kevin's ammo does meet his claims at about half the cost. I'll repeat that last about half the cost! Until that changes, Underwood Ammo gets all my business.

And finally I've got no dog in this fight. I don't make ammo, nor make claims of velocity on such. What I can do is vote with my wallet. I vote Underwood.
I'm thinking you don't realize that DT ammo DID used to meet the claims...than a couple years after opening for business...

I'm also thinking you're not aware of the bullet switch-a-roo DT pulled on us a while back without changing any info about the loads on the website. When you think you're getting Gold Dots or XTPs....and a little later Montana Gold bullets show up at your door step.....yeah, NOT good.
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